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Freight Manager Pro can work for large and small companies with their Freight Management. Perhaps you ship more small package freight than LTL. In the case of KRETEK International, Mr. Stan Ching, who spent up to $130,000 in LTL, reduced the LTL budget by $38,000 annually and the small package budget by $128,000.

Consider this

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Take a moment and ask yourself: How many dollars in sales you would need to make $50,000 in profit? By reducing your freight cost you will contribute directly to your bottom line. Let Freight Manager Pro show you how to save money on freight costs today! Try our freight audit tool now.

Stop throwing profits away on freight

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Whether you are a traffic manager or a business owner, Freight Manager Pro can allow you to make sure you are not throwing profits away. Whether you are responsible for a freight budget and have to answer or defend your freight program to upper management, or you are upper level management and would like to make sure you are doing all you can, Freight Manager Pro can help!

Bruce Barnett, CFO of Lisa Frank, was happy to realize $70,000 in savings in LTL and $50,000 in small package annually. "Freight Manager Pro helped us with all the research, strategy, and implementation. We were pleased with the results and our Traffic Manager welcomed the helping hand".