What will it cost my company


There is a $500.00 fee for the Freight Audit Tool and Limited Review. Most freight audit companies charge 50% of any recaptured funds. The Limited Review will determine savings potential that we will report back to your company within 10 days.

There is no obligation beyond this point and Freight Manager Pro may only comfirm your rates as being in line with industry standards.

If Freight Manager Pro finds savings potential is significant, we will present a Contingency of Savings Agreement, or a Flat Fee if you prefer.

We will then provide your company with a step-by-step program and help implement our recommendations. You pay nothing if savings are not realized.

In addition, we have an excellent staff available with expertise in all modes of transport for any questions you may have about transportation in general.

Our history has proven that 90% of companies will realize a reduction in costs.

Find the best solution between cost & service

Man writing in book about his savings using FMP!

While all carriers are not created equal and service is most important when considering a potential new provider, we have found that in many cases too many carriers are being used thereby diluting your buying power. Let Freight Manager Pro help find the best solution between cost and service.