Freight Manager Pro is a complete Freight Management solution by evaluating your entire freight process and then creating a report that shows your potential freight savings by displaying a list of freight carriers. No more endless searching for that best price, let Freight Manager Pro do it for you!

A way to manage your freight cost

Freight Trailers

Through our Audit Tool, Qestionnaire and evaluation process, we can confirm or validate your rates, or we can pinpoint potential savings for your company. The Freight Manager Pro Audit Tool will guide you through a series of entries. The results are clear and capture a snapshot in time of your shipping activities for review.

Still shopping rates? Shopping rates has become a huge time consumer for most traffic managers. Let FMP guide you to the most cost effective carrier - period.

The third party advantage

Freight Liner and tug-boat

Freight Manager Pro provides the means to perform an in depth, in house freight study at a fraction of the cost that you would pay a third party logistic company.

Developed by Marzec & Associates, a third party logistics company based in California, the Freight Manager Pro process has proven time and again to reduce cost for customers like Oakley, Doc Martin, Transtar Metals, Pioneer, Balance Bar, Premier Bar, Seminis, Power One, Fing’rs, Kretek International, and Deckers Outdoor, to name only a few. Freight Manager Pro worked so well, that Marzec & Associates decided to develop a method through which it can offer this powerful process nationwide at the stroke of your keyboard.