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Freight Bills

Cut through industry rates, tariffs, and discount confusion. If you are shipping by LTL, Truckload or Small package, Freight Manager Pro can help reduce your freight cost.

We have found that even very experienced traffic managers can benefit from Freight Manager Pro. Just ask John Porchas of Fing’rs in Camarillo, CA. His company spent up to $354,000 per year in LTL and realized a savings of $90,000 per year using Freight Manager Pro.

Fine tune your freight budget

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Many companies do not have the time, expertise or budget to hire a qualified freight person. Sometimes a freight budget simply needs some fine-tuning.

Scott Nathaus, Traffic Manager at Balance Bar, said "We had pretty good rates. The Freight Manager Pro format allowed us to take a bite out of our $2 million a year freight budget. Not only did we reduce our costs, but FMP also helped qualify and bid our freight to the endless amount of carriers knocking on our door".

Change the rules and gain control


See what is possible. Freight Manager Pro completely changes the rules and empowers you, the customer, with the Audit Tool that has not been available until now. Finally, you gain clarity where there was once only rates and tariffs.