How to get started

Man adding up the savings from using Frieght Manager Pro

The first step is to simply order the Freight Manager Pro Audit Tool on-line or mail a check or call us with a credit card and we will send you our Audit Tool via email.

It is very important to take a minute to fill out the Questionnaire located at the bottom left of this page, and then hit the submit button. The Questionnaire will help us to understand the nature of your freight. We require no confidential information about your customers.

Once you have the Freight Audit Tool, you are ready to begin the easy data entry phase that anyone can do. Simply gather some freight invoices you would like to audit and review. Twenty to thirty invoices from LTL, TL or Small Package Carriers should provide a good statistical sampling.

If your company is very large, we can also review by mode of transportation or segment of service. The Audit Tool comes with simple instructions for data input, including instructional video.

You will need some help from accounting to find out what your company paid each provider in the last twelve months so we can project actual annual savings.

Once you upload your Freight Audit Tool data and complete the Questionnaire, Freight Manager Pro will calculate your results with 10 days.

Need more help?

Fright Manager doing the data entry for you

If you prefer, Freight Manager Pro can also do the data entry for you at the standard rate of $1.25 per invoice entry. Call us for any technical assistance.